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Products and Services

Off-shore Software Development Services

As one of the fastest growing companies, QAComp provides programming and software solutions to Global 1000 companies world-wide. Whether it's fixed-bid or T&M, large or small, we can undertake a custom software development project of any size. QAComp maintains an permanent staff of expert leaders and a large data bank of DevOps specialists. Whether it is Java, EJB, J2EE, EAI, SAP, Oracle, Ruby-on-Rails, Hadoop or .NET, we have the expertise and the know-how.

QAComp  has a proven, successful history of completing large complex projects. Our strength is getting things done on time. QAComp's mission is to assign the most appropriate, cost-effective personnel to our clients' projects while developing and maintaining solid business relationships. These relationships are built on the fundamental business principles of excellent value and quality service at competitive rates. Our dedication to this mission has enabled us to retain long-term alliances in the business community and a respected position within our profession.

QAComp would like to demonstrate to you, through performance, that we are unquestionably an exceptional provider of computer personnel and a smart solution to your computer-oriented staffing needs.

Please contact us at sales@qacomp.net or (800) 633-2463 to discuss your computer project needs and how we may work together to help achieve your personnel goals.

Our On-site Services

There are many facets of an assignment to be interpreted into a profile of the person who will help make your on-site project a success. This requires more understanding than just matching acronyms on resumes. This skill is best acquired through years of technical contract recruiting experience. Each QAComp recruiter has senior-level experience in technical recruiting.

QAComp uses the corporate knowledge gained from over ten years in the delivery of quick-response, long-term computer personnel to carefully screen candidates to select and deliver the best person for your project. QAComp's office is staffed by senior business and computer-oriented professionals. The entire staff works as a team to find the right person for a project.

QAComp's operating philosophy is unique in the delivery of long-term computer personnel. QAComp employees, whether administrative or under contract, are well compensated and we periodically do performance review. This fact has a direct impact on the quality of service that we provide.

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